Mini Stalk Chandelier

Media: Blown glass stalks. Copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size:  24″ tall x 24″ diameter

Location: Crave, The Shops at West End, St. Louis Park, MN

The Story: Located in one of the early Crave locations, the three Stalk Fixtures are featured over a row of booth seating.

The stalks create dramatic pattern and colors on the walls and ceiling. Additional red stalks were added later to further complement the interior space.


Gentilly Stalk Three Tier Chandelier

Media: Blown glass stalks. 3 tier copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size: 56″ tall x 42″ diameter

Location: Private Residence

The Story: Gentilly is a historic neighborhood in New Orleans and this mid-century restoration features a vaulted ceiling in the living room.

With no where to go but up, this three tier fixture is filled with hand pulled hot glass stalks in shades of gold, amber and papaya. The patterns and colors create drama in the space while also providing functional illumination.


Oval Floral Satsuma Chandelier

Media:  Blown glass balls + flowers. Copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size: 26″ tall by 54″ diameter

Location: Crave, Galleria, Edina, MN

The Story: One of the early basket designs for Crave featured winding vines and flowers in hot glass at the top.

The term Satsuma refers to a citrus fruit available along the Gulf Coast in late fall. The basket loaded with “satsumas” is actually blown glass shapes in tones of red, papaya, amber and many have a crackled or iridized finish to diffuse the light.

This VIP seating area is loaded with drama…just pull back the surrounding curtains for a private dining experience!


Bone Chandelier

Media:  Kiln Cast Glass.  Copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size: 42″ tall x 36″ diameter

Location: Private Residence


Inverted Stupa Stalk Chandelier

Media: Blown glass balls + stalks.  Copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size: 70″ tall x 42″ diameter

Location: Private Residence

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