Vibrant Yucca Pair

Media: Kiln fired glass plate & hand water-colored Giclee Print

Approx. Size: 32″ wide x 30″ tall x 2″ deep

Location: Private Residence

The Story: Custom created for a front entry of a private residence in the Central Business District of New Orleans, this pair of kiln fired glass prints are staggered on the wall.

The hand painted water-color archival prints are in a bold shades of teal, lemon yellow and macaw green.


Stalks & Orbs

Media: Kiln-cast glass and Giclee Print

Size: 30″ x 32″ with Wood Frame

Location: Crave, Austin Texas

The Story: The private dining room at Crave has masculine undertones with bold stripe metallic wallpaper in the space.

The inspiration for the heavy textures in the kiln fired glass come from the glass shapes used in the chandeliers in the adjoining rooms.

The corresponding hand painted Giclee print is mounted behind the textured glass. For additional scale of the piece a custom wood frame was built on site.


Saturated Yucca Studies #1 – #7

Media: Kiln fired glass plate, Giclee print, copper finish frame.

Approx. Size: 40″ wide x 37″ tall x 2″ deep

Location: Rosa Mexicano, Dubai, UAE


Splash I & II

Media: Kiln-cast glass and Digital Print

Size: 6 Panels 48″ tall x 16″ wide

Location: Rosa Mexicano, San Francisco


Mississippi River Delta

Media: Kiln-cast glass and Digital Print

Size: 2 @ 12″ x 44″ – 3 @ 18″ x 44″

Location: Private Collection

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