Sea Glass Basket

Media: Blown Glass Mixed Media

Approx. Size:  32″ diameter  x 48″ tall

Location: Private Collection

The Story: Residing along the Gulf Coast of Florida this client drew inspiration from colorful sea glass that can be collected along the shore.

Working with the existing architecture of the space, a round basket loaded with colorful blown glass balls in the palette of sea glass adorns the arched foyer entry.

The playful glass in the upper section curls and twists in organic shapes. The illuminated fixture projects a full spectrum of color and pattern that dances on the ceiling.


Desert Floral Chandelier

Media: Blown Glass with mild steel patina frame.

Size: 36″ diameter x 42″ tall

Location: Private Residence

The Story: As residents of Scottsdale, Arizona, the clients were surrounded by a desert environment. Documenting all of the surrounding plants & architecture of their home provided key design elements for this project.

The lower basket is filled with glass stalks in warm desert tones. The upper portion is covered with blown glass colorful desert blooms. The chandelier looks different at all times of the day as the natural light fills the room from the desert sky. In the evening the projected light paints colorful patterns and textures onto the ceiling.


A Hays Town Style Chandelier

Media: Kiln Fired Glass with mild steel patina frame.

Size: 48″ diameter x 48″ tall

Location: Private Residence

The Story: This client was in the process of renovating a home in a historic neighborhood in New Orleans. Guided by the architecture of American A. Hays Town, the style was influenced by Spanish, French & Creole history of Louisiana.

“Town’s involvement in the selection of interior materials, colors, and even furnishings was extensive—sometimes going as far as to include the recommendation of a certain type of dog to accent the house. Town was one of the first architects to salvage old building materials and incorporate them into new houses, giving his homes a comfortable, elegant feel. He would often scourge abandoned warehouses and rice mills for floorboards, fireplace mantels, or flagstones, handpicking the individual elements that would eventually be incorporated into his architecture.”

This Kiln Fired chandelier was custom created for the dining room in a free form parachute style. The silver leaf stained class creates a warm glow against the custom painted faux finish walls of the space.


Oval Satsuma Stalk Chandelier

Media: Blown glass balls + stalks. Copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size: 55″ tall x 22″ wide x 50″ long

Location: Crave, Merrick Park, Miami, FL

The Story: Each Crave has a signature chef’s table within the restaurant.

Enhanced by luxurious designer details, dining in this space is sure to create memories. The lower fixture is filled with blown glass in shades of red, orange, amber – some “balls” have a crackled finish and others a iridized glaze. The upper section is filled with blown glass stalks that project strong linear patterns inside the special niche.


Feather Chandelier

Media: Kiln Fired glass. Copper plated mild steel frame.

Approx. Size: 34″ tall x 34″ diameter

Location: Private Residence

The Story: A bedroom makeover in Texas required a new chandelier to complete the look. Working with the client to ensure the new fixture was a perfect fit with the new textiles, wall color and finishes opened the door for creative leeway.

The lower textured kiln fired parachute has lavender and amber undertones. The upper “feathers” are also kiln fired glass which project amazing patterns onto the trey style ceiling that is complimented by extensive crown moulding.

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