Bird Nest Chandelier

Media: Blown Glass with mild steel patina frame.

Size: 36″ diameter x 36″ tall

Location: Private Residence

The Story: This illuminated “nest” was created in conjunction with the larger “Bird House”.  This fixture is adjacent to the foyer where the larger Bird House hangs and mimics the smaller nest withing the larger house.  The welded mild steel frame resembles sticks of a nest filled with blown glass textured “eggs” and stalks.
Photo by Kenneth P. Volpe



Stalk Tower Chandelier

Media: Blown Glass with mild steel patina frame.

Size: 34″ diameter x 108″ tall

Location: Crave, Summerlin, Nevada

The Story: The latest location of restaurant Crave is located downtown Summerlin which is just minutes from the Vegas Strip.  The location features a soaring 30′-0″ front entry foyer and BrottWorks was commissioned to create a chandelier to fill the space and illuminate the tower.  The three tier fixture is loaded with hot glass pulled stalks in various shades of reds and amber tones.  The projected light onto the interior walls makes a grand entrance to the location.

In the background, two Mini Stalk Chandeliers hang over the booths in the bar area.  Two other fixtures are featured in the VIP seating areas.


Glass Bird House

Media: Kiln Fired Glass with mild steel patina frame.

Size: 46″ diameter x 90″ tall

Location: Private Residence

The Story: As avid fine art collectors, the clients wanted a one-of-kind sculpture for their new home.

From the initial loose sketches to the realized design installed on site, the mixed media sculpture was a true collaboration. Allowing the artist to fine tune new techniques in kiln fired glass opened the project to push the medium in new directions.

The four large kiln fired, textured panels create the outer bird house. The inner “nest” is comprised of additional kiln fired shapes and pulled hot glass stalks. In the evening the chandelier projects striking patterns and color onto the entire front foyer.


Red Stalk Grove Chandelier

Media:  Blown Glass Mixed Media

Approx. Size:  24″ diameter x 36″ tall

Location: Crave, Austin, Texas

The Story: Crave restaurant has embraced high end, custom fine art for their interiors since the first location opened in 2006.

These five blown glass stalk chandeliers in a row create quite a bit of “wow” in the Austin space. Interior illumination of the red and amber glass stalks project striking color & pattern on the walls, while the simple hidden discs at the top project organic patterns on the ceiling.


Sea Glass Basket

Media: Blown Glass Mixed Media

Approx. Size:  32″ diameter  x 48″ tall

Location: Private Collection

The Story: Residing along the Gulf Coast of Florida this client drew inspiration from colorful sea glass that can be collected along the shore.

Working with the existing architecture of the space, a round basket loaded with colorful blown glass balls in the palette of sea glass adorns the arched foyer entry.

The playful glass in the upper section curls and twists in organic shapes. The illuminated fixture projects a full spectrum of color and pattern that dances on the ceiling.