KILN FIRED – BrottWorks specializes in the art and engineering of kiln fired glass. Using large format architectural kilns in the studio, window plate glass is transformed into a deeply textured surface with amazing optical and tactile qualities.  This technique can be used for 2-D wall mounted works and 3-D “parachute” chandeliers.  Kiln fired glass colors that have been silver stained are organic in tones (ambers, bronze, golden). Painted enamels provide rich blues, greens and purple shades.  One striking feature about kiln fired glass is how different it appears with the illumination on or off in 3-D works.

BLOWN GLASS – BrottWorks utilizes traditional hot glass equipment and technology that has been used for centuries. The art of producing a molten glass bubble at the end of a blow pipe, forming it into a shape, adding color and a final annealing process.  This technique is used to create the “balls” and stalks in our chandeliers.  Color choices are quite unlimited and additional exterior finishes of crackle and iridized add dimension and texture.


Our Sketchbook at documents the research, creation, and installation of a wide variety of BrottWorks’ projects. All Designs, drawings and artworks are copyright Andrew Brott and BrottWorks LLC, as registered with the United States Copyright Office.
Chandeliers in the Sketchbook
Printmaking in the Sketchbook
Sculpture in the Sketchbook


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