BrottWorks Studio designs, fabricates and installs projects in public and private spaces ranging from restaurants, spas to luxury estates all over the United States. We are UL Listed to ensure all illuminated works exceed the highest quality current industry standards. Our UL listing is just one feature of our quality that sets us apart from inferior imports.


Arrabelle Hotel & Spa, Denver, CO // Bloomberg Building, New York, NY // Cheesecake Factory, Inc, Irvine, CA // Crave Locations: Austin, TX, Bethesda, MD, Bloomington, MN, Cincinnati, OH, Coral Gables, FL, Edina, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Omaha NE, Orlando, FL, St. Louis Park, MN / Rosa Mexicano Locations: Dubai, UAE, Boston, MA, Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA, Washington D.C // Levine Children’s Hospital, Charlotte, NC // Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Orlando, FL // Semolina’s Restaurant, Metairie, LA // St. Joe Artist Lofts, New Orleans, LA // Westin Roco Ki, Dominican Republic


Blackbird Interiors, Solana Beach, CA // Coco Bello, Hudson, WI // Interiors & Extras, New Orleans, LA // Functional Art, Langley, WA // Killough’s Interior Design Studio, Destin, FL // Kevin Harris Architect, Baton Rouge, LA // M3D, Houston, TX // Shea, Minneapolis, MN // Shop 12 Design, Las Vegas, NV // Steelman Partners, Las Vegas, NV // Trapolin Architects, New Orleans, LA


I rely on research and imagery from nature and industry as primary influences in my work. Airplanes and hummingbirds both may fly, but each evolved separately designed to complete specific tasks.

Their designs evolved because of trial and error. In industry, some planes flew, some planes crashed; in nature, some hummingbirds mated, some hummingbirds starved.

Both the laws of physics and nature have created a natural and living aesthetic through natural selection. I find my relationship with my own art and my knowledge of this aesthetic guides the work that I passionately pursue.

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